Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009

I’ve got worms!
Yes you heard right-I have my very own worms. In March, I took a class at The Funky Chicken Farm with Suzanne Richmond on making growboxes (see my album or notes). The plants are doing great. I only have one going now but plan to start seeds after vacation for fall planting. I already bought all supplies to make four more. I want to concentrate on growing salad vegetables as my husband and I eat a lot of salad. I had been collecting my scraps from all our vegetables and was taking it out to the back, digging a hole, and burying it.

I bought a great compost book during teacher week at B & N and I was all set to start composing. After looking at the book tho, I could not decide which container/method to use. There are many ways to do it and since I did not know anyone that did composting, I could not decide. Then…I got an email from Suzanne at the Funky Chicken. She was holding a worm composting class! I always wanted worms!

I went over on Tuesday and we created the bin together using two plastic containers and simple tools. We then added some shredded damp newspaper, some compost from her stock, and of course…several handfuls of worms.

I was amazed-compost does not smell! I thought it would! The worms are getting plenty of veggies to eat here. If you would like more info on Growboxes or Worm Composting, contact Suzanne at DivaDyes@cfl.rr.com

Next, my friend Sara and I want to take her Tie Dye class!