Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ugly Soap

When I first started making soap, I did not have a soap cutter. You can use a knife and cutting board but as with anything you try to cut without measuring, there is the constant trimming to get it just right. Therefore, I had a small bucket of soap pieces that didn't make it to my sale table (at the annual homeshow). So I remember hearing something about using old pieces of soap...so I asked my friend Em (on FB) about it. She found an article and told me what to do. She said I could grate/cut the old soap, put it in a crock pot with a little water, then melt and pour in a mold. Sounded good.

So I started with the food processor on the soap but my new soap cutter is so cool, it was almost easier to use that. It only took a few minutes. I put it all in the crock pot with a little water and read the article for info. All would have been well, if I did not then leave the house for seven hours! My husband got home first and asked what was in the crock pot because the house stunk. I got home a few minutes later. I added some water, blended, and added some fragrance. I then put it in my mold. It was lookin' ugly and I was tempted to throw it out.

Today I took it out. It is the ugliest soap I have ever seen. Because it cooked too long, it was not creamy when I shoved it into the mold. I cut it up with my new soap cutter (which I love). I then cut some small bits to try. The soap may be UGLY but it is wonderful! It is so creamy and full of lather. The scent is less than I would have liked but less is always better with scent. Ok so next time I will make sure I am home for this process but I would do it again. Just one more example of passing judgment too quickly before we make sure we know what we are talking about. I am so happy to take those old pieces and put them to use!

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