Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Do This!

I will laugh whenever I hear that statement-one my grandson said to me one day as we packed the car.  He is almost three but I admit I was taken aback and wondered where he got that from.  A bit later, I was telling my husband about it and he asked Zander who taught him to say it and he said Mimi.  That’s me!  Although I would like to take credit-I still am in denial!
I have my own little room in my house loaded with all kinds of creative materials-I know others do as well.  I have stamping supplies, paint, all kinds of jewelry making supplies, altered art stuff…just too much stuff to name.  My problem is I always make excuses to not go in there-cleaning the house, clearing paperwork, and I admit-playing on the computer.  My unfinished writing projects suffer from the same excuse.  While I am still very productive and seem to get a lot more done than most people (that is according to them not me), I still get frustrated.  In my heart-creating things is what I love best.  Whether it is an essay about something I do not want to forget or a new piece of jewelry. I opened an Etsy shop a while ago but there is still nothing in it.
Now since all of you tell me I am amazing and you don’t know how I get so much done-you must suffer some of the same frustrations as I do.  I had planned this summer to block out days for creating and possibly even inviting friends to come as well.  When my friend Sara said how much a pain it is to cart stuff place to place I thought maybe reporting in to a friend or posting a picture of what you created would be enough to hold you accountable to do so.  My friend Em and I thought about picking a day and talking on Skype about our plan to create something then checking back in on Skype to show off our work-the pressure of accountable would keep us on task.
Well there is a blogger out there that has set me up-and I will write and thank her. This is just the challenge I need: every day of June to create one thing.  It could be a blog post, jewelry piece, painting, or recipe.  For some of you it may be a mud pie in the back yard or a finger painting piece with your little one.  While there is a structure to this, there is enough flexibility for all my creative friends.  I know I have many creative friends that could benefit from this challenge as well-I will tag a few and hope you pass it on!  Let's share our pictures everyday! I am off to create my first piece (even though I am not sure what it is yet)! If you would like to get together to create-in person, through Facebook or through Skype, please let me know! I do plan to announce days through Facebook for people to come down and work on projects!

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