Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 Days of Creativity 2012

I don't know how, but last year I found the site 30 Days of Creativity. I challenged two friends, Mychele and Em, to do it with me.

I loved the concept of creating something every day in June. I love creating but often don't sit down long enough to do so. I have a room full of the coolest beads and other supplies, a notebook full of things I want to make, and a head overflowing with ideas.

Last year I got many projects done that had been sitting around for years. My friend Mychele and I did a lot if great things but the star of our group was Em. I think she created and posted every day. I was disappointed I didn't keep up but thrilled to think I may have inspired two friends.

This is the third year of 30 Days of Creativity and I am thrilled to get involved- this year I hope to post every day. Even though we are still traveling so far, so good.

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