Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's No Place Like Home...

We just returned after a bit of a driving trip.  We started out heading to St. Louis for the wedding of someone we have been involved with for most of his life.  The wedding was beautiful.  It was also great fun to be with friends after the wedding. We decided to take in St. Louis a bit before leaving town and I am glad we did.  We visited the zoo, the botanical gardens, and a couple local restaurants before we left for our next destination. Pappy's Smokehouse and Joey B's On The Hill both served up wonderful food.  I give them both five stars!

Next-Kansas City. When we were invited to the wedding, I immediately begged my husband to take me back to Kansas City. I totally enjoyed the Country Club Plaza-a huge mall of sorts where you are walking outside instead of in.  Kansas City is also known for barbecue. Last time we went to Fiorelli's Jack Stack and it was great so we wanted to go back.  On our first trip-it was closed so we went to Brio Tuscan Grill. It was wonderful and we were so glad to find it.  We enjoyed the plaza for two days and a great lunch each day.

My favorite place in Kansas City tho is Stuff. We were in Kansas City two days and my husband knew enough about I felt about this store-he took me there first thing both days. If I was to ever open a store, it would be like this.  Local artists from the area have filled this store with the most creative things I have ever seen.  You can't go just once because you'll miss something.  Add to that some great bubbly girls ready to help and it just can't get any better.  You can visit them online, like them on facebook, and shop online as well.

We left Kansas City to go visit my friend Neil and his wife of two years.  They live in Alabama. We trusted our GPS to take us there and ended up on a very long back road with no hotels, food, or gas.  After a long ride we found a Hampton and met up with Neil the next day. There's nothing like being with an old friend.  It is a very emotional experience.  As soon as you are together-the connection is as strong as ever.  This time, however, I was more interested in getting to know his wife. It did not take long for me to love her completely. I had to hold back tears many times-thankful that she is in his life and so thankful to get to know her. It was hard to leave them when we were just starting to have great fun but I also felt a great sense of peace knowing they had each other. Neil has been an important person in my life and I care for him a great deal.  There is nothing that can give you peace more than knowing someone you love dearly is living a happy life!

Next stop-Pensacola.  Cousins John & Lil always welcome us to their home. Molly (black lab) is part of the greeting committee.  We were sorry not to see Jemima (basset hound) this time -she lived a long and happy life.  Our time with the Kings is always a great mix of fun.  This time they finally let us take them out to eat.  I also helped John set up folders on his IPad.  Lil wanted to make earrings and I was so excited to help her make earrings and a bracelet to match. I love touring the yard-blueberry bushes, vegetable garden, scuppernong grapes, pecan trees, kumquats, and much more.  One time there were baby bluebirds. We talk about family stories and try to catch up as we only see each other every couple years.  I do cry when I leave them-every time.  If I lived closer I am sure I would be with Lil several times a week.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I am so thankful for this trip but even more thankful to get home.  I am thankful we arrived safe.  I am thankful for all the things we have here that has made it our home. I am thrilled to see Maya (mini poodle) again and thankful for my favorite comforts of home.

Tomorrow...the projects begin.

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