Friday, June 1, 2012

Write On...

I love to write.  I say that all the time and then do not spend enough time doing it.  Once I start writing, I get lost in it and cannot pull myself away.  The first step to making time for  writing, in my case,  is to sit still for a moment.

I am always up for a challenge and often it helps me get things done because I don't like losing. If I "join" something, even though there is no scolding or consequences, I simply must complete the challenge.  And so I will participate in the NaBloPoMo June 2012 Blogroll.

I have to post every day which I will be glad to do.  As school is out, I can get my coffee first thing and relax and write-something I wish I could do daily.  I often wonder if I could develop a habit of doing this by being consistent over the month.  I want my daily writing to be more like breathing...something I do automatically-not something I put off for something else.

I have a small composition notebook I am writing in daily as a commitment to my students.  I have a writing cub after school and I had over 45 students this year.  I loved it in many ways but missed the intimacy of a smaller group. I am afraid that next year I will have even more students wanting to join and wonder how can I choose? I came up with a summer journal project after reading a book to some students.  I gave them the directives to see who could/would commit to write a few sentences a day every day, June & July.  I told them I would commit as well.

I am in a place in my life where I am continually reviewing what I am doing and trying to make choices that move in the same direction as my goals.  I am an inteliigent person, but I am many interests and am often excited and involved in so many things, I can lose focus.

I am hoping that by committing to the June Blogroll and to the Summer Journal Project (with my students) that I will develop a habit of quiet time for writing that I will continue when the summer is over.

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