Friday, June 3, 2011

Jeweled Napkin Rings

30 Days of Creativity: Day 3-Jeweled Napkin Rings

These are an inexpensive easy gift to make for yourself or someone else.

Assorted beads
Wire Cutters
Memory Wire (smaller size about 2.25in)
Round Nose Pliers

Cut a length of wire that goes at least once around  (a full circle). 
You can also make it longer so the napkin ring goes around more than once.
The great thing about memory wire is that it will keep its shape over time.
Using round nose pliers make a loop at one end of the wire-this will keep beads from coming off.

Start putting on beads.  Alternate colors,sizes, and types.  It is best not to follow a pattern.
When the wire length is covered, make a loop in the other end as well to keep the beads on.

Using an eclectic group of beads will make your napkin rings go with any season/color.  While these are easy to make-it would cost a bit to make many sets so it is best to make one that you really love!
On the left the ring goes around more than once, on the right-just once.  While I like it going around twice,
 it takes more beads and time to do a set this way.  They are just a beautiful with one full loop around.

This is the set I made myself after making some for my daughter for her Christmas table setting. 
After making hers, I had to have a set.  Using a variety of colors, they go with  any occasion.

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