Friday, June 24, 2011

Agate Coil Bracelet

30 Days of Creativity Day 5

I bought this kit many years ago, someplace, before I knew anything about beading.  You can easily create a project like this yourself with supplies purchased at your local craft/beading store.

Assorted beads
Wire Cutters (do not use your nice beading cutters)
Memory Wire (choose size by preference)
Round Nose Pliers

Cut a length of wire that goes a couple times around your wrist.  There is no right or wrong length-this is truly a preference. Do not use your beading wire cutters to cut memory wire.  There is a reason for this!  Memory wire is stainless steel and it is tough to cut.  I bought a pair of cutters I use only for my memory wire and for cutting silk flower stems (I have a neat project to tell you with that later).

Once you have cut the wire to the desired length, use round nose pliers to make a loop at one end of the wire-this will keep beads from coming off.

Start putting on beads. Alternate colors, sizes, and types.  If you have a specific pattern you want to follow, you may want to lay the pattern out first on a mat.  This way you will not have to keep looking to see what comes next. Ialso have one made from pearls that I like very much!

When the wire length is covered, make a loop in the other end as well to keep the beads on.

This is a fast easy project that is great for people that have never done beading.  It is a great activity for a party (like a girl’s birthday party or girl’s night out) because few tools/skills are needed. You can make it a bit of a memory project by having each person bring beads and everyone swap.

If you like this project, you may also like making beaded napkin rings.  These make a wonderful gift and the process is the same. I have also seen memory wire in ring size!

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