Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love of Lavender

30 Days of Creativity: Day 2-For the Love of Lavender

When getting the wash out of the dryer today I breathed in deep and felt happiness-I don’t find laundry particularly uplifting but my lavender sock sure helps.

I do not use fabric softeners.  I don’t know that they really do or don’t make a difference but I do not like the smell of them. Also, my husband has sensitive skin so using anything with perfumes is an issue. Before I took the course in Herbalism at The Herb Corner, I didn’t like the smell of lavender either.  All the lavender I had smelled was very strong and artificial-I had never smelled the real thing.

Once I met the real stuff at The Herb Corner, I was in love! I don’t know how I came up with this idea but it is my best yet!  I made a lavender sock for the dryer.  You can use your husband’s old sock (cannot have holes in the foot/heel area) or you can use a cute little girl’s sock.  As these are functional for me-I use husband’s old socks for the dryer.  I use the cute socks for sachets/gifts.

Supples Needed:

Lavender buds (about 1/4c per sock)


Ribbon (if making a cute sachet)


Make sure your sock has no holes in the foot/heel area.

Put about 1/4c lavender buds into the foot area of the sock.

(I keep my lavender in a jar and to fill my sock I put the sock on the jar and turn it upside down) 

Put the sock on top of the jar and turn over to fill easily.

When you have the lavender you need, look in ankle area of sock and make sure all buds are clear.

Get all lavender to bottom of sock and tie a knot in the sock right above the bunch of lavender

Take tube part of sock and bring it up around the lavender part of the sock (knot is now hidden).

When using my husband’s sock, I stop here and this is ready to stay in the dryer*

If making a sachet, I now would add pretty ribbon-usually purple because of the lavender

I leave the sock in the dryer so it is there when I throw a load in.

Opening the dyer will now be a heavenly experience and your clothes will smell great.

Simply use the sock until it no longer has a scent-I then throw the whole thing away.

If you do this, let me know how it goes!  For me it really makes a difference.

*I have had husband socks open up once or twice-ribbon, twine, sewing it shut would be a good idea!


Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

Don't you just love lavender? My mother used to grow hedges of it in our yard. Now she lives in a small house and only has about ten plants. She used to give tours of her yard and was in a book about Lavender. Never thought to put it in the dryer-going to have to pick some and try it-mine are all blooming or getting ready to right now! oxoxo

darlene said...

Mine are blooming here in New York and what a great idea for the dryer, on sunny days I use my clothes line as much as possible...on rainy days, this will be a treat and I know my young son will love it as he is a fan of lavendar with all of his skin issues.....Great idea Debbie..